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There are 221 words that begin with the letter N,
in the
Old Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



N,n.       221 Words


    N,1       Naam                      

    N,2       Naamah                  

    N,3       Naaman                  

    N,4       Naaman’s                

    N,5       Naamathite             

    N,6       Naamites                 

    N,7       Naarah                    

    N,8       Naarai                     

    N,9       Naaran                    

  N,10       Naarath                   

  N,11       Naashon                 

  N,13       Nabal                      

  N,14       Nabal’s                    

  N,15       Naboth                    

  N,16       Nachon’s                 

  N,17       Nachor                    

  N,18       Nadab                     

  N,20       Nahalal                   

  N,21       Nahaliel                  

  N,22       Nahallal                  

  N,23       Nahalol                   

  N,24       Naham                    

  N,25       Nahamani               

  N,26       Naharai                   

  N,27       Nahari                     

  N,28       Nahash                   

  N,29       Nahath                    

  N,30       Nahbi                      

  N,31       Nahor                      

  N,32       Nahor’s                   

  N,33       Nahshon                 

  N,34       Nahum                    

  N,35       nail                         

  N,37       nails                       

  N,39       Naioth                     

  N,40       naked                     

  N,41       nakedness              

  N,42       name                      

  N,43       name’s                    

  N,44       named                    

  N,45       namely                    

  N,46       names                     

  N,48       Naomi                     

  N,49       Naomi’s                   

  N,50       Naphish                  

  N,51       Naphtali                  

  N,52       Naphtuhim             

  N,55       narrow                    

  N,56       narrowed                

  N,57       narrower                 

  N,58       narrowly                 

  N,59       Nathan                    

  N,61       Nathanmelech        

  N,62       nation                     

  N,63       nations                   

  N,64       native                     

  N,65       nativity                   

  N,66       natural                    

  N,69       naught                    

  N,70       naughtiness            

  N,71       naughty                  

  N,73       navel                       

  N,74       naves                      

  N,75       navy                        

  N,76       nay                         

  N,80       Nazarite                  

  N,81       Nazarites                 

  N,82       Neah                       

  N,84       near                        

  N,85       nearer                     

  N,86       Neariah                   

  N,87       Nebai                      

  N,88       Nebaioth                 

  N,89       Nebajoth                 

  N,90       Neballat                  

  N,91       Nebat                      

  N,92       Nebo                       

  N,93       Nebuchadnezzar     

  N,94       Nebuchadrezzar      

  N,95       Nebushasban          

  N,96       Nebuzaradan          

  N,97       necessary                

N,100       Necho                     

N,101       neck                        

N,102       necks                      

N,103       necromancer           

N,104       Nedabiah                

N,105       need                        

N,108       needeth                   

N,109       needful                   

N,112       needlework             

N,113       needs                      

N,114       needy                      

N,115       neesings                 

N,116       Neginah                  

N,117       Neginoth                 

N,121       negligent                 

N,122       Nehelamite              

N,123       Nehemiah               

N,124       Nehiloth                  

N,125       Nehum                    

N,126       Nehushta                

N,127       Nehushtan              

N,128       Neiel                        

N,129       neighbour               

N,130       neighbour’s             

N,131       neighbours             

N,132       neighbours’             

N,133       neighed                   

N,134       neighing                  

N,135       neighings                

N,136       neither                    

N,137       Nekeb                     

N,138       Nekoda                   

N,139       Nemuel                   

N,140       Nemuelites              

N,141       Nepheg                    

N,142       nephew                   

N,143       nephews                 

N,144       Nephish                  

N,145       Nephishesim           

N,147       Nephtoah                

N,148       Nephusim               

N,149       Ner                          

N,151       Nergal                     

N,152       Nergalsharezer        

N,154       Neriah                     

N,155       nest                        

N,156       nests                       

N,157       net                          

N,158       Nethaneel               

N,159       Nethaniah               

N,160       nether                     

N,161       nethermost             

N,162       Nethinims               

N,163       Netophah                

N,164       Netophathi              

N,165       Netophathite           

N,166       Netophathites         

N,167       nets                        

N,168       nettles                     

N,169       network                  

N,170       networks                 

N,171       never                      

N,172       nevertheless           

N,173       new                         

N,175       newly                      

N,177       news                       

N,178       next                        

N,179       Neziah                     

N,180       Nezib                       

N,181       Nibhaz                    

N,182       Nibshan                  

N,189       nigh                        

N,190       night                       

N,191       nights                     

N,192       Nimrah                   

N,193       Nimrim                   

N,194       Nimrod                    

N,195       Nimshi                    

N,196       nine                        

N,197       nineteen                 

N,198       nineteenth              

N,199       ninety                     

N,201       Nineveh                  

N,203       ninth                      

N,204       Nisan                      

N,205       Nisroch                   

N,206       nitre                        

N,207       no                           


N,208       Noadiah                  

N,209       Noah                       

N,210       Noah’s                     

N,211       Nob                         

N,212       Nobah                     

N,213       noble                      

N,215       nobles                     

N,216       Nod                         

N,217       Nodab                     

N,219       Nogah                     

N,220       Nohah                     

N,221       noise                       

N,222       noised                     

N,223       noisome                  

N,224       Non                         

N,225       none                       

N,226       noon                       

N,227       noonday                  

N,228       noontide                 

N,229       Noph                       

N,230       Nophah                   

N,231       nor                          

N,232       north                      

N,233       northern                 

N,234       northward               

N,235       nose                        

N,236       noses                      

N,237       nostrils                   

N,238       not                          

N,239       notable                   

N,240       note                        

N,241       noted                      

N,242       nothing                   

N,243       notice                      

N,244       notwithstanding     

N,245       nought                    

N,246       nourish                   

N,247       nourished               

N,248       nourisher                

N,250       nourishing              

N,253       now                         

N,254       number                   

N,255       numbered               

N,256       numberest              

N,257       numbering              

N,258       numbers                 

N,259       Nun                        

N,260       nurse                      

N,261       nursed                    

N,262       nursing                   

N,264       nuts                        





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