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There are 466 words that begin with the letter F,
in the
Old Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



F,f.        466 Words


    F,2       face                         

    F,3       faces                       

    F,4       fade                         

    F,5       fadeth                     

    F,6       fading                     

    F,7       fail                          

    F,8       failed                       

    F,9       faileth                     

  F,10       failing                     

  F,11       fain                         

  F,12       faint                        

  F,13       fainted                    

  F,14       faintest                   

  F,15       fainteth                   

  F,16       fainthearted            

  F,17       faintness                 

  F,18       fair                          

  F,19       fairer                       

  F,20       fairest                     

  F,21       fairs                        

  F,22       faith                        

  F,23       faithful                    

  F,24       faithfully                 

  F,25       faithfulness             

  F,27       fall                          

  F,28       fallen                      

  F,29       fallest                      

  F,30       falleth                     

  F,31       falling                     

  F,32       fallow                      

  F,33       fallowdeer               

  F,34       false                        

  F,35       falsehood                

  F,36       falsely                     

  F,37       falsifying                 

  F,38       fame                        

  F,39       familiar                   

  F,40       familiars                 

  F,41       families                   

  F,42       family                      

  F,43       famine                    

  F,45       famish                    

  F,46       famished                 

  F,47       famous                    

  F,48       fan                          

  F,49       fanners                   

  F,50       far                           

  F,51       fare                         

  F,55       farther                     

  F,58       fashion                   

  F,59       fashioned                

  F,60       fashioneth              

  F,62       fashions                  

  F,63       fast               

19-Psalms          19-38:2.    For thine arrows stick fast in me, and thy hand presseth me sore.


42-Luke                42-18:12.    I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess.

  F,64       fasted                      

  F,65       fasten                      

  F,66       fastened                  

  F,69       fasting                     

  F,70       fastings                   

  F,71       fat                           

  F,72       fatfleshed                

  F,73       father                      


  F,74       father’s                    


  F,75       fatherless                

  F,76       fathers                    

  F,77       fathers’                    

  F,79       fatling                     

  F,80       fatlings                    

  F,81       fatness                    

  F,82       fats                         

  F,83       fatted                      

  F,84       fatter                       

  F,85       fattest                     

  F,86       fault                        

  F,88       faults                      

  F,89       faulty                      

  F,90       favour                     

  F,91       favourable               

  F,92       favoured                 

  F,93       favourest                 

  F,94       favoureth                

  F,95       fear                         

  F,96       feared                      

  F,97       fearest                     

  F,98       feareth                    

  F,99       fearful                     

F,100       fearfully                  

F,101       fearfulness              

F,102       fearing                    

F,103       fears                        

F,104       feast                        

F,105       feasted                    

F,106       feasting                   

F,107       feasts                      

F,108       feathered                 

F,109       feathers                   

F,110       fed                          

F,111       feeble                      

F,113       feebleness               

F,114       feebler                     

F,115       feed                         

F,116       feedest                    

F,117       feedeth                    

F,118       feeding                    

F,119       feedingplace            

F,120       feel                          

F,122       feet                          

F,123       feign                        

F,124       feigned                    

F,125       feignedly                 

F,126       feignest                   

F,129       fell                          

F,130       felled                       

F,131       feller                        

F,132       fellest                      

F,133       felling                      

F,134       felloes                     

F,135       fellow                      

F,136       fellow’s                    

F,146       fellows                    

F,149       fellowship               

F,152       felt                          

F,153       female                     

F,154       fence                       

F,155       fenced                     

F,156       fens                         

F,157       ferret                       

F,158       ferry                        

F,163       fetch                       

F,164       fetched                    

F,165       fetcheth                  

F,166       fetcht                      

F,167       fetters                     

F,168       fever                        

F,169       few                          

F,170       fewer                       

F,171       fewest                     

F,172       fewness                   

F,174       field                        

F,175       fields                       

F,176       fierce                       

F,177       fierceness                

F,178       fiercer                     

F,179       fiery                        

F,180       fifteen                     

F,181       fifteenth                  

F,182       fifth                         

F,183       fifties                       

F,184       fiftieth                     

F,185       fifty                         

F,186       fig                           

F,187       fight                        

F,188       fighteth                   

F,189       fighting                   

F,191       figs                          

F,192       figure                      

F,193       figures                     

F,194       file                          

F,195       fill                           

F,196       filled                       

F,197       filledst                     

F,198       fillest                       

F,199       fillet                        

F,200       filleted                     

F,201       filleth                      

F,202       fillets                       

F,204       filth                         

F,205       filthiness                 

F,206       filthy                       

F,208       find                         

F,209       findest                    

F,210       findeth                    

F,211       finding                    

F,212       fine                         

F,213       finer                        

F,214       finest                      

F,215       finger                      

F,216       fingers                     

F,217       fining                      

F,218       finish                      

F,219       finished                  

F,221       fins                         

F,222       fir                            

F,223       fire                          

F,224       firebrand                 

F,225       firebrands               

F,226       firepans                  

F,227       fires                        

F,229       firm                         

F,230       firmament               

F,231       first                         

F,233       firstborn                  

F,234       firstfruit                  

F,235       firstfruits                 

F,236       firstling                   

F,237       firstlings                 

F,238       firstripe                   

F,239       fish                         

F,240       fish’s                       

F,243       fishers                     

F,244       fishes                      

F,245       fishhooks                

F,247       fishpools                 

F,248       fist                          

F,249       fists                         

F,250       fit                            

F,251       fitches                     

F,252       fitly                         

F,253       fitted                       

F,254       fitteth                      

F,255       five                          

F,256       fixed                        

F,257       flag                          

F,258       flagon                      

F,259       flagons                    

F,260       flags                        

F,261       flakes                      

F,262       flame                       

F,263       flames                     

F,264       flaming                   

F,265       flanks                     

F,266       flash                       

F,267       flat                          

F,268       flatter                      

F,269       flattereth                 

F,270       flatteries                  

F,271       flattering                 

F,272       flattery                    

F,273       flax                         

F,274       flay                          

F,275       flayed                      

F,276       flea                          

F,277       fled                         

F,278       fleddest                   

F,279       flee                          

F,280       fleece                      

F,281       fleeing                     

F,282       fleeth                      

F,283       flesh                        

F,284       fleshhook                

F,285       fleshhooks              

F,288       flew                         

F,289       flies                         

F,290       flieth                       

F,291       flight                       

F,292       flint                         

F,293       flinty                       

F,294       floats                       

F,295       flock                        

F,296       flocks                      

F,297       flood                       

F,298       floods                      

F,299       floor                        

F,300       floors                      

F,301       flour                        

F,302       flourish                   

F,303       flourished               

F,304       flourisheth              

F,305       flourishing              

F,306       flow                         

F,307       flowed                     

F,308       flower                      

F,309       flowers                    

F,310       floweth                    

F,311       flowing                    

F,312       flute                        

F,313       fluttereth                 

F,315       fly                           

F,316       flying                       

F,317       foal                         

F,318       foals                        

F,319       foam                       

F,322       fodder                     

F,323       foes                         

F,324       fold                         

F,325       folden                     

F,326       foldeth                    

F,327       folding                    

F,328       folds                        

F,329       folk                         

F,331       follow                      

F,332       followed                  

F,333       followedst               

F,335       followeth                 

F,336       following                 

F,337       folly                         

F,338       food                        

F,339       fool                         

F,340       fool’s                       

F,341       foolish                     

F,342       foolishly                  

F,343       foolishness             

F,344       fools                        

F,345       foot                         

F,346       footmen                  

F,347       footsteps                 

F,348       footstool                  

F,349       for                           

F,350       forasmuch              

F,351       forbad                     

F,352       forbare                    

F,353       forbear                    

F,355       forbeareth               

F,356       forbearing               

F,357       forbid                      

F,358       forbidden                

F,361       forborn                    

F,362       force                        

F,363       forced                      

F,364       forces                      

F,365       forcible                    

F,366       forcing                    

F,367       ford                         

F,368       fords                       

F,369       forecast                   

F,370       forefathers              

F,371       forefront                  

F,372       forehead                  

F,373       foreheads                

F,374       foreigner                 

F,375       foreigners                

F,379       foremost                  

F,381       forepart                   

F,385       foreseeth                 

F,387       foreskin                  

F,388       foreskins                 

F,389       forest                      

F,390       forests                     

F,395       forfeited                  

F,396       forgat                      

F,397       forgave                    

F,398       forgavest                 

F,399       forged                      

F,400       forgers                     

F,401       forget                      

F,403       forgetfulness           

F,404       forgettest                 

F,405       forgetteth                

F,407       forgive                     

F,408       forgiven                   

F,409       forgiveness              

F,410       forgivenesses          

F,411       forgiveth                 

F,412       forgiving                  

F,413       forgot                      

F,414       forgotten                 

F,415       forks                       

F,416       form                        

F,417       formed                    

F,418       former                     

F,419       formeth                   

F,420       forms                      

F,421       fornication              

F,422       fornications            

F,425       forsake                    

F,426       forsaken                  

F,427       forsaketh                

F,428       forsaking                 

F,430       forsook                    

F,431       forsookest               

F,433       fort                          

F,434       forth                        

F,435       forthwith                 

F,436       fortieth                    

F,437       fortified                   

F,438       fortify                      

F,439       fortress                   

F,440       fortresses                

F,441       forts                        

F,443       forty                        

F,444       forty’s                      

F,446       forward                   

F,448       fought                     

F,449       foul                         

F,450       fouled                     

F,451       fouledst                   

F,452       found                      

F,453       foundation              

F,454       foundations            

F,455       founded                  

F,456       founder                   

F,457       foundest                 

F,458       fountain                  

F,459       fountains                

F,460       four                         

F,461       fourfold                   

F,463       fourscore                 

F,464       foursquare              

F,465       fourteen                  

F,466       fourteenth               

F,467       fourth                     

F,468       fowl                         

F,469       fowler                      

F,470       fowlers                    

F,471       fowls                       

F,472       fox                          

F,473       foxes                       

F,475       frail                         

F,476       frame                      

F,477       framed                    

F,478       frameth                   

F,479       frankincense           

F,481       fraud                       

F,482       fray                         

F,483       freckled                   

F,484       free                         

F,485       freed                       

F,486       freedom                   

F,487       freely                       

F,489       freewill                    

F,492       fresh                       

F,493       fresher                    

F,494       fret                          

F,495       fretted                     

F,496       fretteth                    

F,497       fretting                    

F,498       fried                        

F,499       friend                      

F,500       friendly                   

F,501       friends                    

F,502       friendship               

F,503       fringe                      

F,504       fringes                     

F,505       fro                           

F,506       frogs                        

F,507       from                        

F,508       front                        

F,509       frontiers                  

F,510       frontlets                  

F,511       frost                        

F,512       froward                   

F,513       frowardly                 

F,514       frowardness            

F,515       frozen                      

F,516       fruit                        

F,517       fruitful                    

F,518       fruits                       

F,519       frustrate                  

F,520       frustrateth              

F,521       fryingpan                

F,522       fuel                         

F,523       fugitive                    

F,524       fugitives                  

F,525       fulfil                        

F,526       fulfilled                   

F,527       fulfilling                  

F,528       full                          

F,530       fuller’s                     

F,531       fullers’                     

F,532       fully                        

F,533       fulness                    

F,534       furbish                    

F,535       furbished                

F,536       furious                    

F,537       furiously                 

F,539       furnace                   

F,540       furnaces                  

F,541       furnish                    

F,542       furnished                

F,543       furniture                 

F,544       furrow                     

F,545       furrows                   

F,546       further                    

F,548       furthered                 

F,549       furthermore            

F,550       fury                         





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