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There are 787 words that begin with the letter A,
in the
Old Testament of the
King James Version of the Bible.



A,a.       787 Words


    A,1       a                             

    A,2       Aaron                      

    A,3       Aaron’s                   

    A,4       Aaronites                

    A,6       Abagtha                  

    A,7       Abana                     

    A,8       Abarim                    

    A,9       abase                      

  A,12       abated                     

  A,14       Abda                       

  A,15       Abdeel                     

  A,16       Abdi                        

  A,17       Abdiel                     

  A,18       Abdon                     

  A,19       Abednego                

  A,20       Abel                        

  A,21       Abelbethmaachah   

  A,22       Abelmaim               

  A,23       Abelmeholah           

  A,24       Abelmizraim            

  A,25       Abelshittim             

  A,26       Abez                        

  A,27       abhor                      

  A,28       abhorred                 

  A,29       abhorrest                

  A,30       abhorreth                

  A,31       abhorring                

  A,32       Abi                          

  A,33       Abia                        

  A,34       Abiah                      

  A,35       Abialbon                 

  A,36       Abiasaph                

  A,37       Abiathar                  

  A,38       Abiathar’s               

  A,39       Abib                        

  A,40       Abida                      

  A,41       Abidah                    

  A,42       Abidan                    

  A,43       abide                       

  A,44       abideth                   

  A,45       abiding                   

  A,46       Abiel                       

  A,47       Abiezer                    

  A,48       Abiezrite                  

  A,49       Abiezrites                

  A,50       Abigail                    

  A,51       Abihail                    

  A,52       Abihu                      

  A,53       Abihud                    

  A,54       Abijah                     

  A,55       Abijam                    

  A,57       ability                     

  A,58       Abimael                  

  A,59       Abimelech               

  A,60       Abimelech’s            

  A,61       Abinadab                

  A,62       Abinoam                 

  A,63       Abiram                    

  A,64       Abishag                   

  A,65       Abishai                   

  A,66       Abishalom              

  A,67       Abishua                  

  A,68       Abishur                   

  A,69       Abital                      

  A,70       Abitub                     

  A,72       abjects                    

  A,73       able                         

  A,74       Abner                      

  A,75       Abner’s                   

  A,77       abode                      

  A,78       abodest                   

  A,79       abolish                    

  A,80       abolished                

  A,81       abominable             

  A,82       abominably             

  A,83       abomination           

  A,84       abominations          

  A,85       abound                   

  A,87       aboundeth              

  A,88       abounding              

  A,89       about                      

  A,90       above                      

  A,91       Abraham                 

  A,92       Abraham’s              

  A,93       Abram                     

  A,94       Abram’s                  

  A,95       abroad                    

  A,96       Absalom                  

  A,97       Absalom’s               

  A,99       absent                     

A,102       abundance              

A,103       abundant                

A,104       abundantly             

A,105       abuse                      

A,106       abused                    

A,109       Accad                      

A,110       accept                     

A,111       acceptable               

A,113       acceptance              

A,115       accepted                 

A,117       accepteth                

A,120       Accho                      

A,123       accompanying         

A,124       accomplish             

A,125       accomplished          

A,128       accord                     

A,129       according                

A,130       accordingly             

A,131       account                   

A,132       accounted               

A,134       accounts                 

A,135       accursed                 

A,136       accusation              

A,137       accuse                    

A,138       accused                  

A,143       accustomed            

A,147       Achan                     

A,148       Achar                      

A,150       Achbor                    

A,152       Achish                    

A,153       Achmetha               

A,154       Achor                      

A,155       Achsa                      

A,156       Achsah                   

A,157       Achshaph               

A,158       Achzib                     

A,159       acknowledge           

A,160       acknowledged         

A,164       acquaint                 

A,165       acquaintance          

A,166       acquainted              

A,167       acquanting              

A,168       acquit                     

A,169       acre                         

A,170       acres                       

A,171       act                          

A,172       actions                    

A,173       activity                    

A,174       acts                         

A,175       Adadah                   

A,176       Adah                       

A,177       Adaiah                    

A,178       Adalia                     

A,179       Adam                      

A,181       Adamah                  

A,182       adamant                 

A,183       Adami                     

A,184       Adar                        

A,185       Adbeel                     

A,186       add                         

A,187       Addan                     

A,188       Addar                      

A,189       added                      

A,190       adder                      

A,191       adders’                    

A,192       addeth                    

A,195       addition                  

A,196       additions                

A,197       Addon                     

A,198       Ader                        

A,199       Adiel                       

A,200       Adin                        

A,201       Adina                      

A,202       Adino                      

A,203       Adithaim                 

A,204       adjure                     

A,205       adjured                   

A,206       Adlai                       

A,207       Admah                    

A,208       Admatha                 

A,215       admonished            

A,218       Adna                       

A,219       Adnah                     

A,221       Adonibezek             

A,222       Adonijah                 

A,223       Adonikam               

A,224       Adoniram                

A,225       Adonizedec             

A,227       Adoraim                  

A,228       Adoram                   

A,230       adorned                  

A,231       adorneth                 

A,233       Adrammelech          

A,236       Adriel                      

A,237       Adullam                  

A,238       Adullamite              

A,239       adulterer                 

A,240       adulterers               

A,241       adulteress               

A,242       adulteresses            

A,243       adulteries                

A,244       adulterous              

A,245       adultery                  

A,246       Adummim               

A,247       advanced                

A,248       advantage               

A,251       adventure               

A,252       adventured             

A,253       adversaries             

A,254       adversary                

A,255       adversities              

A,256       adversity                 

A,257       advertise                 

A,258       advice                     

A,259       advise                     

A,260       advised                   

A,261       advisement             

A,265       afar                         

A,266       affairs                     

A,269       affecteth                  

A,270       affection                  

A,274       affinity                    

A,277       afflict                      

A,278       afflicted                   

A,279       afflictest                  

A,280       affliction                 

A,281       afflictions                

A,282       affording                 

A,283       affright                    

A,284       affrighted                

A,286       afore                       

A,288       aforetime                 

A,289       afraid                      

A,291       after                        

A,292       afternoon                

A,293       afterward                

A,294       afterwards               

A,296       Agag                        

A,297       Agagite                    

A,298       again                       

A,299       against                    

A,301       agate                       

A,302       agates                     

A,303       age                          

A,304       aged                        

A,305       Agee                        

A,307       ago                          

A,308       agone                      

A,311       agreed                     

A,312       agreement               

A,316       ague                        

A,317       Agur                        

A,318       ah                           

A,319       aha                         

A,320       Ahab                       

A,321       Ahab’s                     

A,322       Aharah                    

A,323       Aharhel                   

A,324       Ahasai                    

A,325       Ahasbai                  

A,326       Ahasuerus              

A,327       Ahasuerus’              

A,328       Ahava                     

A,329       Ahaz                       

A,330       Ahaziah                  

A,331       Ahban                     

A,332       Aher                        

A,333       Ahi                          

A,334       Ahiah                      

A,335       Ahiam                     

A,336       Ahian                      

A,337       Ahiezer                    

A,338       Ahihud                   

A,339       Ahijah                     

A,340       Ahikam                   

A,341       Ahilud                     

A,342       Ahimaaz                  

A,343       Ahiman                   

A,344       Ahimelech               

A,345       Ahimelech’s            

A,346       Ahimoth                  

A,347       Ahinadab                

A,348       Ahinoam                 

A,349       Ahio                        

A,350       Ahira                       

A,351       Ahiram                    

A,352       Ahiramites              

A,353       Ahisamach              

A,354       Ahishahar               

A,355       Ahishar                   

A,356       Ahithophel              

A,357       Ahitub                    

A,358       Ahlab                      

A,359       Ahlai                       

A,360       Ahoah                     

A,361       Ahohite                   

A,362       Aholah                    

A,363       Aholiab                   

A,364       Aholibah                 

A,365       Aholibamah            

A,366       Ahumai                   

A,367       Ahuzam                  

A,368       Ahuzzath                

A,369       Ai                            

A,370       Aiah                        

A,371       Aiath                       

A,372       aided                       

A,373       Aija                         

A,374       Aijalon                    

A,375       Aijeleth                   

A,376       ailed                        

A,377       aileth                      

A,378       Ain                          

A,379       air                           

A,380       Ajah                        

A,381       Ajalon                     

A,382       Akan                       

A,383       Akkub                     

A,384       Akrabbim                

A,386       Alameth                  

A,387       Alammelech            

A,388       Alamoth                  

A,389       alarm                      

A,390       alas                         

A,391       albeit                      

A,392       Alemeth                  

A,393       Aleph                      

A,397       algum                     

A,398       Aliah                       

A,399       Alian                       

A,400       alien                       

A,401       alienate                   

A,402       alienated                 

A,403       aliens                      

A,404       alike                        

A,405       alive                        

A,406       all                           

A,410       allied                       

A,411       Allon                       

A,412       Allonbachuth          

A,414       allowance                

A,417       allure                      

A,418       Almighty                 

A,419       Almodad                 

A,420       Almon                     

A,421       almond                   

A,422       Almondiblathaim    

A,423       almonds                  

A,424       almost                     

A,427       almug                     

A,428       aloes                       

A,429       alone                       

A,430       along                       

A,431       aloof                        

A,432       Aloth                       

A,433       aloud                      

A,436       already                    

A,437       also                         

A,438       altar                        

A,439       altars                      

A,440       Altaschith               

A,441       alter                        

A,442       altered                    

A,443       altereth                   

A,444       although                 

A,445       altogether                

A,446       Alush                      

A,447       Alvah                      

A,448       Alvan                      

A,449       alway                      

A,450       always                     

A,451       am                          

A,452       Amad                      

A,453       Amal                       

A,454       Amalek                   

A,455       Amalekite                

A,456       Amalekites              

A,457       Amam                     

A,458       Amana                    

A,459       Amariah                  

A,460       Amasa                     

A,461       Amasai                    

A,462       Amashai                 

A,463       Amasiah                 

A,464       amazed                   

A,466       Amaziah                  

A,467       ambassador            

A,468       ambassadors          

A,470       amber                     

A,471       ambush                  

A,472       ambushes               

A,473       ambushment          

A,474       ambushments         

A,475       Amen                      

A,476       amend                    

A,477       amends                   

A,478       amerce                    

A,479       amethyst                 

A,480       Ami                         

A,481       amiable                   

A,483       amiss                      

A,484       Amittai                    

A,485       Ammah                   

A,486       Ammi                      

A,487       Ammiel                   

A,488       Ammihud                

A,489       Amminadab            

A,490       Amminadib             

A,491       Ammishaddai         

A,492       Ammizabad             

A,493       Ammon                   

A,494       Ammonite               

A,495       Ammonites             

A,496       Ammonitess            

A,497       Amnon                    

A,498       Amnon’s                 

A,499       Amok                      

A,500       Amon                      

A,501       among                     

A,502       amongst                  

A,503       Amorite                   

A,504       Amorites                 

A,505       Amos                      

A,506       amounting              

A,507       Amoz                       

A,510       Amram                    

A,511       Amram’s                 

A,512       Amramites              

A,513       Amraphel                

A,514       Amzi                       

A,515       an                           

A,516       Anab                       

A,517       Anah                       

A,518       Anaharath              

A,519       Anaiah                    

A,520       Anak                       

A,521       Anakims                 

A,522       Anamim                  

A,523       Anammelech           

A,524       Anan                       

A,525       Anani                      

A,526       Ananiah                  

A,528       Anath                      

A,530       Anathoth                

A,531       ancestors                

A,534       ancient                   

A,535       ancients                  

A,537       ancles                     

A,538       and                         

A,541       Anem                      

A,542       Aner                        

A,543       Anethothite             

A,544       Anetothite               

A,545       angel                       

A,547       angels                     

A,548       angels’                    

A,549       anger                      

A,550       angered                   

A,551       angle                       

A,552       angry                      

A,553       anguish                  

A,554       Aniam                     

A,555       Anim                       

A,559       anoint                     

A,560       anointed                 

A,561       anointedst              

A,562       anointest                

A,563       anointing                

A,565       another                   

A,566       another’s                 

A,567       answer                    

A,568       answerable             

A,569       answered                

A,570       answeredst             

A,571       answerest               

A,572       answereth               

A,574       answers                  

A,575       ant                          

A,581       antiquity                 

A,582       Antothijah              

A,583       Antothite                 

A,584       ants                        

A,585       Anub                       

A,586       anvil                       

A,587       any                         

A,588       apace                      

A,589       apart                       

A,591       apes                        

A,592       Apharsachites         

A,593       Apharsathchites     

A,594       Apharsites              

A,595       Aphek                     

A,596       Aphekah                 

A,597       Aphiah                    

A,598       Aphik                      

A,599       Aphrah                   

A,600       Aphses                    

A,601       apiece                     

A,609       apothecaries           

A,610       apothecaries’           

A,611       apothecary              

A,612       Appaim                   

A,613       apparel                   

A,614       apparelled               

A,615       apparently              

A,618       appear                    

A,619       appearance             

A,620       appearances           

A,621       appeared                 

A,622       appeareth               

A,624       appease                  

A,625       appeased                

A,626       appeaseth               

A,627       appertain                

A,628       appertained            

A,629       appertaineth           

A,630       appetite                   

A,633       apple                       

A,634       apples                     

A,635       applied                    

A,636       apply                       

A,637       appoint                   

A,638       appointed               

A,639       appointeth              

A,640       appointment           

A,643       approach                

A,644       approached             

A,646       approaching            

A,647       approve                   

A,650       approveth               

A,652       aprons                    

A,653       apt                          

A,655       Ar                            

A,656       Ara                          

A,657       Arab                        

A,658       Arabah                    

A,659       Arabia                     

A,660       Arabian                   

A,661       Arabians                 

A,662       Arad                        

A,663       Arah                        

A,664       Aram                       

A,665       Aramitess                

A,666       Aramnaharaim        

A,667       Aramzobah             

A,668       Aran                        

A,669       Ararat                     

A,670       Araunah                 

A,671       Arba                        

A,672       Arbah                      

A,673       Arbathite                 

A,674       Arbite                      

A,677       archer                     

A,678       archers                   

A,679       arches                     

A,680       Archevites               

A,681       Archi                       

A,683       Archite                    

A,684       Arcturus                 

A,685       Ard                          

A,686       Ardites                    

A,687       Ardon                      

A,688       are                          

A,689       Areli                        

A,690       Arelites                   

A,694       Argob                      

A,695       arguing                   

A,696       arguments              

A,697       Aridai                      

A,698       Aridatha                  

A,699       Arieh                       

A,700       Ariel                        

A,701       aright                      

A,703       Arioch                     

A,704       Arisai                      

A,705       arise                        

A,706       ariseth                    

A,707       arising                    

A,710       ark                          

A,711       Arkite                      

A,712       arm                         

A,714       armed                     

A,715       Armenia                  

A,716       armholes                 

A,717       armies                     

A,718       Armoni                    

A,719       armour                    

A,720       armourbearer          

A,721       armoury                  

A,722       arms                       

A,723       army                       

A,724       Arnan                     

A,725       Arnon                     

A,726       Arod                        

A,727       Arodi                       

A,728       Arodites                  

A,729       Aroer                       

A,730       Aroerite                   

A,731       arose                       

A,732       Arpad                      

A,733       Arphad                    

A,734       Arphaxad                

A,735       array                       

A,736       arrayed                   

A,738       arrogancy                

A,739       arrow                      

A,740       arrows                     

A,741       art                           

A,742       Artaxerxes               

A,743       Artaxerxes’              

A,745       artificer                   

A,746       artificers                 

A,747       artillery                   

A,749       Aruboth                  

A,750       Arumah                  

A,751       Arvad                      

A,752       Arvadite                  

A,753       Arza                        

A,754       as                            

A,755       Asa                         

A,756       Asa’s                       

A,757       Asahel                     

A,758       Asahiah                  

A,759       Asaiah                    

A,760       Asaph                     

A,761       Asaph’s                   

A,762       Asareel                    

A,763       Asarelah                 

A,764       ascend                    

A,765       ascended                

A,767       ascending               

A,768       ascent                     

A,769       ascribe                    

A,770       ascribed                  

A,771       Asenath                  

A,773       ash                         

A,774       ashamed                 

A,775       Ashan                     

A,776       Ashbea                    

A,777       Ashbel                    

A,778       Ashbelites               

A,779       Ashchenaz              

A,780       Ashdod                   

A,781       Ashdodites              

A,782       Ashdothites            

A,783       Ashdothpisgah        

A,784       Asher                      

A,785       Asherites                 

A,786       ashes                      

A,787       Ashima                   

A,788       Ashkelon                

A,789       Ashkenaz                

A,790       Ashnah                   

A,791       Ashpenaz                

A,792       Ashriel                    

A,793       Ashtaroth                

A,794       Ashterathite            

A,795       Ashteroth                

A,796       Ashtoreth                

A,797       Ashur                      

A,798       Ashurites                

A,799       Ashvath                  

A,801       aside                       

A,802       Asiel                        

A,803       ask                          

A,804       asked                      

A,805       Askelon                   

A,806       askest                     

A,807       asketh                     

A,808       asking                     

A,809       asleep                     

A,810       Asnah                     

A,811       Asnapper                

A,812       asp                          

A,813       Aspatha                  

A,814       asps                        

A,815       Asriel                      

A,816       Asrielites                 

A,817       ass                          

A,818       ass’s                        

A,819       assault                    

A,821       assay                      

A,822       assayed                   

A,824       assemble                 

A,825       assembled               

A,826       assemblies              

A,827       assembling             

A,828       assembly                 

A,829       assent                     

A,831       asses                       

A,832       Asshur                    

A,833       Asshurim                

A,834       assigned                 

A,835       Assir                       

A,837       associate                 

A,839       Assur                      

A,840       assurance               

A,842       assured                   

A,843       assuredly                

A,844       asswage                  

A,845       asswaged                

A,846       Assyria                    

A,847       Assyrian                  

A,848       Assyrians                

A,849       Astaroth                  

A,850       astonied                  

A,851       astonished              

A,852       astonishment          

A,853       astray                      

A,854       astrologer                

A,855       astrologers              

A,856       asunder                  

A,857       Asuppim                 

A,859       at                            

A,860       Atad                        

A,861       Atarah                     

A,862       Ataroth                   

A,863       Atarothadar            

A,864       Atarothaddar          

A,865       ate                          

A,866       Ater                         

A,867       Athach                    

A,868       Athaiah                   

A,869       Athaliah                  

A,872       athirst                     

A,873       Athlai                      

A,874       atonement              

A,875       atonements             

A,876       Atroth                     

A,877       Attai                        

A,878       attain                      

A,879       attained                  

A,881       attend                     

A,882       attendance              

A,883       attended                 

A,885       attent                      

A,886       attentive                 

A,887       attentively               

A,888       attire                       

A,889       attired                     

A,890       audience                 

A,891       augment                 

A,894       aul                          

A,895       aunt                        

A,899       authority                 

A,900       Ava                         

A,901       availeth                   

A,902       Aven                       

A,903       avenge                    

A,904       avenged                  

A,905       avenger                   

A,906       avengeth                 

A,907       avenging                 

A,908       averse                     

A,909       Avim                       

A,910       Avims                     

A,911       Avites                      

A,912       Avith                       

A,913       avoid                       

A,914       avoided                   

A,916       avouched                

A,918       awake                     

A,919       awaked                   

A,920       awakest                  

A,921       awaketh                  

A,923       aware                      

A,924       away                       

A,925       awe                         

A,926       awoke                     

A,927       ax                           

A,928       axes                        

A,929       axletrees                 

A,930       Azal                         

A,931       Azaliah                    

A,932       Azaniah                  

A,933       Azarael                    

A,934       Azareel                    

A,935       Azariah                   

A,936       Azaz                        

A,937       Azaziah                   

A,938       Azbuk                     

A,939       Azekah                    

A,940       Azel                         

A,941       Azem                       

A,942       Azgad                      

A,943       Aziel                        

A,944       Aziza                       

A,945       Azmaveth                

A,946       Azmon                    

A,947       Aznothtabor            

A,950       Azriel                      

A,951       Azrikam                  

A,952       Azubah                   

A,953       Azur                        

A,954       Azzah                      

A,955       Azzan                      

A,956       Azzur                      





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